Ukulele Physics

I was in class last week and there was a discussion about how excited a very experienced player was when he discovered a new chord.  Which got me wondering about some of the relationships between finger positions and the sounds you get.  Each string has it’s own resonance frequency and when they are played open … More Ukulele Physics


First Gig

My first gig was actually quite a while ago but I haven’t have a chance to write about it.  I was pretty nervous about the gig, I’ve never played in front of people before and I am just getting to learn about this instrument and music in general. The good thing is that the gig … More First Gig

Ukulele Unboxing

After waiting what felt like forever, it finally arrived in a hacked up amazon box to make it smaller.  It was just stuffed in the bag and it had some crumpled paper to fill the air in the box.  I was a bit afraid. (We had a bit of a party the night before, I … More Ukulele Unboxing

First Classes

I have always been interested in learning guitar but I have been intimidated by it.  The Ukulele a lot less intimidating with fewer chords and fewer strings.  The strings are nylon or gut and not steel so you don’t need nails or a pick and you don’t need quite the same finger strength.  I feel … More First Classes

BizTalk Debugging

Debugging in BizTalk is very different than a standard application.  Half of the debugging happens in Visual Studio and the other half happens in the administrative console. In Visual Studio you build your maps, pipelines and orchestrations and with sample inputs, you can test these out.  Basically you select the test instance in the properties … More BizTalk Debugging

Software Triage – Building Staging a Environment

Chances are that there will be either no development environment or it will be wildly out of date.  This is particularly likely when contractors are involved because either the testing was done locally on their own environment or everything was changed directly in production. But continuing that practice will result in long term grief and reliability … More Software Triage – Building Staging a Environment